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Leaving a Legacy for Laboratory Learning

Alan Janso

Alan Janos '71 marvels at the way chemistry at Kenyon has evolved since his time as a student. Yet, there is no doubt that Alan's own lab experience served him well. That's why he has been a long-time Kenyon donor, including a gift in his will to support the chemistry department.
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A Letter of Gratitude

Myanna Cook

Myanna Cook '21 is the recipient of the Carol Mason Wright Scholarship for deserving women students. Scholarships like this one allow Kenyon to attract and support talented students like Myanna. Read more about her Kenyon experience in her letter to the donors.
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Building on a Lifetime of Giving Back

Perry Pascarella

Perry Pascarella '56
After a lifetime of modest gifts to Kenyon, Perry Pascarella is pleased that his estate plan will allow him to make a big investment in tomorrow's students in the same way Kenyon invested in him almost seven decades ago.
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Planning for the Future in Uncertain Times

Dennis Pannullo

Dennis Pannullo '74
Though he didn't receive scholarships to attend Kenyon in the early 1970s, Dennis Pannullo '74 realizes today's tuition can be challenging for students and their families. That's why he chose to allocate part of his generous gift to scholarship support.
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Planning for Students' Career Success

Ellen Griggs

Ellen Griggs '77
Ellen Griggs' passion for Kenyon College started with a strong family connection, but it will continue through students who find success with the help of the new Career Development Office, made possible in part by her estate gift.
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A Tribute Gift of Life Insurance That Is Changing Lives

Rich Brean

Rich Brean '70
Alumnus Rich Brean credits a scholarship to Kenyon College with changing his life. To provide the same opportunity to future generations, Rich and his family found a clever way to give back.
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A Change of Scenery Leads to Lasting Connection

Stephen W. Carmichael and Susan Stoddard

Stephen W. Carmichael '67 H'89
For California native Stephen W. Carmichael '67 H'89, Kenyon College became an unlikely home and passion for years to come.
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Finding a New Path at Kenyon

James Kyle

James Kyle '59 and Hannah Petrich '21
Hannah Petrich '21 found the same kind of intellectual freedom at Kenyon that James Kyle '59 GP'17 did, and the scholarship he created made the discovery possible.
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